Count the ‘ludicrously’


WickedOn Wednesday, Jos the Boss made her big journey from Epsom, where she had been on official grandmother duty, to meet me at Victoria station – I was taking her on a HOT date. You know times are tough when you resort to dating your mom!

But, what a lovely evening was had by all…

We started off with some nibbles at the Elusive Camel – really wasn’t as elusive as it had claimed to be, just like this brand of cereal here that claims to be ‘ ludicrously tasty’. I remember buying Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, solely on the premise that it was ‘ludicrously tasty’. I had the highest of expectations because the box is actually branded with the word ludicrously!

I was ludicrously disappointed.

Then again, the Poms have extremely low standards. They celebrate mediocrity – for them, Monty Panesar is a ludicrously talented cricketer.

(Sidetracked by rant) We then consumed some high-quality, London culture. A trip to the theatre to experience Wicked, was next on the cards.

WOW,  spectacular!  Ludicrously spectacular! And I mean an SA standard of ludicrously, not a Pom one.  The story is quite simply a prequel to the Wizard of Oz, where you get an insight into the Wicked Witch of the West, the ‘no place like home slippers’ and where Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow all originated from. If you want more, go check it out, my mind is still preoccupied with that bloody, falsely-advertised cereal!

Jos and I finally made it back to the ghetto after our arduous journey to lappa side East London. While we were away, Hobbo had done a fantastic job of draining the dirty clothes’ moat from next to his bed, lifted his mattress and strategically positioned all of his other shi7 out of sight of even the most trained eye, and he’d given our cave the once-over with the vacuum cleaner!

Jos was mighty impressed! I think she was afraid we were living in squalor.

The date went well, but, unfortunately, I didn’t come right!

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