For those of you who don’t know, there are two bands that Hobbo would allow harm to come to him, for the possibility to see live – so much so that he would happily wake up in a bath tub full of ice cubes, with a note informing him that his kidneys have been surgically removed with a blunt bic pen!

He partially saw Queen at Hyde Park. I say partially because, without Freddie, it’s not really Queen!

The other is Oasis!



The poor lil fella, he has been waiting in anticipation for the last week, since the announcement that they would be performing in October at Wembley Arena. His alarm clock has been waking ME up every morning – nothing wakes Hobbo up – to the tunes of a different Oasis anthem. He is a fanatic – he’s not one of those posers who gets hammered at karaoke and sings ‘Wonderwall’ – no no no friends – he’s a ‘Don’t look back in anger’ kinda guy. 

You wanna see Hobbo surface before midday, just tell the joe that Oasis tickets are on sale at 9am on 20th August 2008. It’s not an adjective that I use often when describing James Hobson but he was positively spritely  this morning.

The computer was up and running, he had his Oasis base station ready and waiting to consume tickets to the single most important concert of his life…


How’s this for a cruel twist of fate – when tickets went on sale at 9am this morning, they were already sold out! Don’t ask me how, but within seconds of their release, £40 tickets were already being auctioned on eBay and other dodge second-hand ticket sites for about £130 EACH.

The mind boggles, but the back-up plan is to go to the stadium on the actual evening of the performance where there are bound to be ticket scalpers – funnily enough Hobbo does an amazing impersonation of these bottom feeders – next time you see him get him to tell you about :’I’ll buy or sell your tickets’! Alternatively, it looks like a roadtrip to Scotland is on the cards – there’s still that underlying tension between the Scots and the Poms, they’re still MozamBleak about Braveheart and I reckon we could pick up some tickets at bargain basement price for an Aberdeen show.

Hold thumbs folks – let’s hope this concert doesn’t turn out to be an oasis, in Hobbo’s ticketless dessert. I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist, been trying to concoct a dessert/oasis analogy all story long…

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