It's coming up to a year since Hobbo and I embarked on the Tour d' Pom and the adventures have been pretty rad, with the fancy dress having flowed hard.  



2009 has been naas. Took a breather to 'find myself' in India – not only did I find myself, found some Spice, got crabs, and learnt to Jolly Bolly my ass off. 

cowboys injins 


Arrived in Mumbai, and with the Lonely Planet in hand, cruised to Goa. Train-ing it was the budget option, but a luxury cabin was lookin good with A/C and own space.



However, I cocked up my order and managed to book proper 3rd class cabin – I

was expecting chickens. I wasn't expecting buggers jumping on the train while it was moving…  



'When in Rome', so I proceeded to run alongside the train, jumped into a carriage and ended up sitting on the floor for a solid 12 hours. I cracked after about an hour and, when I stood up to prevent the deep vein thrombosis from setting in, the injins went mental – obviously weren't used to spotting a foreigner in 3rd class. Their sentences comprised cricket names: 'Oh, you South Africa? Graeme Smith, Jacques Kallis, Jonty Rhodes!' Fanatical  



When I made it to Goa, it was operation Chillax to the Max. Sun, sand, cocktails. English weather has done me no favours – pastier than a Cornish pie, the locals abused my whiteness. 3rd degree sunburn soon sorted me out and I had the Robster lobster look in no time. My days consisted of sleep, a visit to Dudhsagar Falls to see some monkey mating, dropping in on a spice farm or two, scoped out a cashew nut factory sweat shop that would get Derek and Ruda rather MozamBLEAK. 




Cruised around on the back of motorbikes, jumped in the occassional Tuk Tuk that i constantly prayed would make it to my destination without becoming fook fooked.



Was chillin like a villain really, but decided to spend my last weekend in Mumbai, in order to absorb some Bolly rhythm. Hit up some cheesy-ass club that was playing Western music and the locals were diggin it, lank! Bollywood isn't a lie – Indians dance like they do in the movies. Awesome!  



I've started to incorporate some of the moves I learnt on my travels, into some London nights out – Hobbo's not a fan – he reckons the chicks aren't a fan of the 'cheesy-grin-jazzhands' combo either.


When I arrived back in London, I subsequently moved into my new mansion with my LP and Julian 'Big J/The Hands/ Bean Counter/ Wrestlemania Addict' Reeve. From sweltering heat to forkloads of snow, we survived the blizzards, made snowmen and eventually welcomed the neighbours, in traditional fancy dress style.  





Sharman out!





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