High 5

My favourite part about London is the array of fancy dress. We have sourced some interesting attire in the past but I needed a lil something sexy for my recent return to Safland. Not only was it my first trip home in about a year, but it also happened to be Coke Zero fest 2009, what I like to affectionately call: 'COCKfest' hehe (yes, I have matured)

Of course it (I) loves a bit of attention, and the litmus test to determine whether or not I have successfully pulled off a Cuntry look is a friendly visit to the 5fm studios at Auckland Park.

Fortunately, I know some people who aren't too embarrassed to be seen with me, hideously dressed in public, and there are those that will even go the extra mile and join me. Big up to Shaye Shaye, Shaye, Shaye, Shhh, Shaye, Shaye – my wingman on my excursion. Times have changed and it's very important for unknown celebrities such as myself to constantly reinvent one's look. There will always be a special place in my heart (and Anoos) for the mankini, but below is the latest offering.

rockin it at 5

Shaye 'Garden Gnome' Webb (left), Sias du Plessis (middle), and Mike 'Iyo Bangani Iyo' Sharman (right) 

rocking 5#2

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