Iyo AmaImposter

Hi gang,

This is a public service announcement. Please do not be alarmed – you need to be vigilant and cautious at this very orchid time – you must FOCUS. When you are rubbing your wary eyes, and getting out the sleep on your way to work, or cruising home from a tiresome day at the office, listening to 5FM, avoiding the road rage, you may hear a familiar sound: "Iyooooooooooooooo Bangaaaaaaannnni Iyoooooooooooooooo.

Guys, I'm afraid that's not me – we have an iyo amaIMPOSTER!

On another note – I celebrate the efforts of all my comrades who are in the process of nurturing some fine mo's for MOvember. I myself attempted to sport a tache, but the girls at work told me that I looked like a massive twat. I did in fact look like a massive twat and it was uncomfortable as all hell – it has subsequently been removed. Something that I hope will never have to happen to either of my testicles.

Remember to keep an eye on your nuts boys! Play with them, enjoy them, massage them!


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