Last 2 weeks

2 weeks ago Saturday was Tenant Appreciation Day (not an official title, I just made that up, on the spot I might add) at the Aardvark – some dodge ass pub in East London. Our landlords decided that they had been squeezing all of us suckers who occupy their houses dry, and wanted to give a lil something back.

We got a free drink and a spit roast – and that's unfortunately not a sexual inneundo… Hobbo got smashed and did his famous dance – the one where he pivots on his heels and sticks his hand in the year like he's celebrating a goal. He  even pretended to know the words to De la rey, to fit in with the locals – what a chop. 

He and I were called to the stage. We were excited. We thought we had won a prize. The only thing we had won was a binge-drunk housemate, talking into the porcelain telephone. Not the best trophy I've ever had.

Wednesday was sombre – my LP left me for sunny SA – but I got over it. Right now, Hobbo is trying to recover from a headache from hell from his two-in-a-row escapades at the Hat in Rivonia, lapping up a bit of sunshine!

That night I headed to Brixton for a night of entertainment from the Kooks -Naive is still a massive favourite of mine and very appropriate for certain individuals. Have a gander at a lil acoustic version I came across…


Very brief summary of the last 10 days. Thursday was my Xmas par-tay, got pretty slammed but kept my compsure. The lazy-left eye look(below) isn't one of my better Mo-dell poses, however. Surprsingly, Friday was a hanger – barely made it through the day and then passed out on my happy place couch when I got home that night. Saturday and Sunday was chillaxed to the max. Monday through Wednesday was weighted more towards working, complemented with some festive season drinkie poos. Thursday was a trip to Madame Zingara – those gypsies have set up shop on the grounds of an abandoned power station in London and are even shit-hotter than when I saw them last year in Jozi.


Friday – moved into the boss's house – been given the responsibility to look after Mickey the dog, Ben and Jerry the cats (yes, like the ice-cream) and a few unnamed fish that I'm praying will survive – I don't have the best track record with fish and I'm not keen on a toilet flushing ceremony this festive season.

Saturday – Joss and Bryan arrived for Bryan's last flight – we had a lil partytjie orjanised to celebrate the end to a famous 46 year career at SAA. There were some crocodile tears and bound to be many more…

Guys, have a slick festive season – be safe, enjoy the vibe. We've erased 2000 and shi7, and 2000 and not so Gr8, now, let's all rock it in 2000 and Fine / sublime /be on time – ran out of things to rhyme.

Lots of love

Sharman and Hobbo (have a real Boston line for me buddy!) 

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