Mike “I’m over her” Sharman

Sho, but it's been a while. There is no one else to blame here but me. I still love you, though!

For those of you who have known me for a while, will know how anal I am, especially when it comes to finding birds for potential relations. For reasons unbeknown to me, I'm weird, but I get 'over' chicks immediately. There's none of this bullshit: 'oh, she's sorta nice, I'll persevere and see if it goes anywhere' – once I know, I'm 'just not that into' a chicky boo, there's no turning back. Call me a douchebag girls, but there is some kind of incorrect wiring in my brain – besides, I don't want to dick anyone around by stringing them along (back-peddling). Below is a prime case study: 

About 4 months ago, I met this Saffa lay-dee, she seemed quite naas, we spoke a few times on the phone and planned to meet up again. And den … I got pissed one night after work and thought it would be a grand idea to phone her and meet up with her and a couple mates at Tiger Tiger. She wasn't so psyched by my state when I arrived, I got 'over it' and suffered an EPIC FAIL. I realised the doucheness of my ways, sms'd her to apologise the next day and this was what she replied : – quite possibly the most amazing message to have ever graced my inbox. Have a gander.

"Whatver Mike. Watch out though, when you play games with yourself there can only be one loser. I don't know what you're trying to hide from yourself… maybe one day you'll be real with yourself [this is my favourite part] and will realise how great you actually are. But until then I'm afraid you remain a scared , uncertain boy who insists on hurting himself and those around him. Anyway… Good luck on Mon, try not to kill yourself"

Phenonmenal! So what she was trying to tell me, was that she thinks I'm a great guy? For those of you who haven't witnessed the events from Gloucestershire and a certain cheese-rolling event, click below for the highlights, and the context of me 'not trying to kill myself'

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  • Iceland Addict on Oct 11th 2009 at 06:36

    Mike, it seems I’m one of your string-along-girls then. Remember when our eyes met over those Β£1 frozen sausages. We exchanged numbers and I have since thought I was the only one you’d been texting. But, alas, last week I saw you with ANOTHER girl. I hope I dont get the thorny end of what I imagine is only a flacid Β£1 sausage.


  • it takes one to know one! on Oct 13th 2009 at 02:27

    nothing wrong with not wasting people’s time… my friends used to tease me about the ‘two week itch’ i would give a guy two weeks and then, i was ‘over it’… something would just not feel right, his shoes, his laugh, whatever… but now i am with someone, and i want to be with them. it happens when it happens. however, i agree with your tiger tiger text bitch, loved her text by the way… its one thing to just get over it, or it not feel right, its another if its self destructive. what do you actually want? figure that out and the rest will follow. and don’t hurt people just because you are over it! i don’t think she was only saying you are a great guy – which you are – but thats not all… i think she was saying you are great, but you might have some insecurities stopping you from letting people in… or something like that.

  • mike on Oct 13th 2009 at 03:02

    Thanks ‘it takes one to know one’

    I completely agree with you – it can be something small and insignificant that leads to you getting ‘over it’, but I think you may have missed my point.

    I thought Tiger gal was cool, but I wasn’t feeling it. To prevent dickin her around, I bailed before I could inflict any damage. Truth be told, I have no idea what I want, but I’m pretty sure I’ll know it when I feel it.

    I was being ironic, by saying ‘she thinks I’m a great guy’, similar to a scene from Dumb & Dumber when Lloyd Christmas is told by Mary Swanson that he has a one in 1million chance of being with her, and responds : ‘So what you’re saying is that I have a chance?’

    Thanks for visiting the site and for contributing. I hope you enjoy the site and continue to add your thoughts?


  • Big guy on Oct 14th 2009 at 09:26

    Hi Mike , remember what Hilton always told me “Bryan, do not worry it is the girls that choose the boys” (and not the other way around). So keep enjoying your youth!!

  • mike on Oct 14th 2009 at 10:06

    Cheers Big guy! That Hilton fella you refer to sounds particularly wise. I look forward to receiving more insights from you and him re the fairer sex. We all know how hopeless I am – I need all the help I can get πŸ˜‰

  • Friendship speech | Sharman and Hobbo on Dec 10th 2009 at 02:26

    […] I’ve always been crap at the courting phase. My standard process tends to follow this trend: 1) Meet fun girl 2) Think she’s ‘quite nice’ 3) Short circuit in the attraction factor and I ‘get over her’ – read here […]

  • Pixie on Dec 10th 2009 at 02:48

    Well quite honestly Mike, there is nothing wrong with who you are, Its called a commitement Phobia, hello people, maybe this trend will catch on one day but until it does we can only hope that people see our side. It is hard to find ‘THE ONE’ in our day and age because to be quite frank they just do not exist…

    And for her to jump into your character like that…hmmm so not cool…so I think it is a good thing you ‘got over it’ and very quickly too because you might just have killed yourself rolling down the hill because you were thinking to much about this girl and her mean ways… so happy days πŸ™‚

    • mike on Dec 10th 2009 at 03:03

      Thanks Pixie!

      Mean people suck balls, while I prefer to expose my balls!

      Cheers for contributing to the site and look forward to hearing more of your thoughts in the future πŸ˜‰

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