Life is short. Play naked!

Ok, so this is quite a serious one!

There have been some developments in the lives of one or two people who are pretty close to me that have made me sit up and say ‘Whoa!?!’

Sometimes things don’t go according to the script, and life bowls you a Dushra that Muralitharan would be proud of. You don’t necessarily know how things are going to turn out, but you have to fight with the raw animalistic tendencies that brought you into this world, to survive.

It’s like my good friend Slick Tiger always says: ‘If it’s not worth fighting for, it’s not worth living for’.

Cherish every moment that the dirty smog fills your lungs, because none of us knows how long we have to play the game. It’s ok to go Nelly Retardo, get a lil crazy, or just rock out with your cock out (jam out with your clam out for our female *reader*) .

Remember: Life is short! Play naked!

Life is short! Play naked! Literally.

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