DEEling with the dreaded ‘R’

Happy Friday gang,

2009 was a come down year for banker wankers and most of the world that had built itself around financial loan and debt structures (ie. the entire planet was pretty farked).

Sackings, Golden Handshakes and bankruptcy were hot topics at every conceivable watercooler and the ripple effects are still being felt. If you’ve made it through this week and you’re still ‘jobbed’, woohoo, it’s the weekend! Treat yourself to a binge session and a pounding headache.

If you’re unemployed and being subjected to reruns of Ricki Lake, get off your lazy ass, scrape together the spare change from the deepest recesses of your lounge sofa and do something that will add some spunk to your meaningless existence. Go Bombing. Jager Bombing!

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  • Trolleyed! | Sharman and Hobbo on Jan 26th 2010 at 01:48

    […] The Dee taught us that the best way to deal with the big ‘R’ is to go ‘bombing’, but sweet, baby Jesus, she had no idea how much of a mess I was about to make of myself. […]

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