Raddest new shoe brand

Ola seven,

Moanday conspired against me and threw copius amounts of shit in my direction – the older I get, the more I realise how inconvenient this whole ‘work’ thing is.

I survived a Nelly Retardo day and finally had the opportunity to upload what can only be described as EpicFierce imagery. Let me give you the background:

Hobbdizzle and I were hoping to consume our bodyweight in beverages this weekend, but decided to take a break from binge-drinking  after the damage that we had inflicted on our vital organs during December. In hindsight, it was imperative that we had our wits about us. Drunken debauchery would have ensured that Hobborrific missed the glimpse of this remarkable signage that danced in his periph.

R. Soles : official Douche merchandise

Any brand with such a fine name deserves a plug!

There you have it folks. Nike hightops, with velcro and pumps = LAME. I’m heading to King’s Road London to get my feet inside a pair of R.Soles (there’s something about that last statement that just doesn’t sound right). Thanks to Hobbo for eventually adding some value to the site 😉

Pace (as in ‘have a brisk walk’) out!

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  • Brad on Jan 19th 2010 at 10:42

    Sharman thats amazing!

    There used to be a shop in Preston called the Sofa King, with the tag line:

    “Our prices are Sofa King low!”

  • Melissa on Jan 19th 2010 at 11:00

    A local function hire / catering company has a truck that’s often spotted in Jozi…..slogan “For the best erections in town.”

  • Mike on Jan 19th 2010 at 01:24

    That is sofa king awesomeness! Brad, Mel, anyone else – please send pics of these phenomenal examples and abracadabra, il tap my heels together and post em 😉 kisses

  • acidicice on Jan 19th 2010 at 02:48

    What is very effing sad is that I had to read the post twice to get the joke *facepalm*

    I blame the porridge brains.

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