We had a relatively low key weekend. Friday movies. Saturday drinks. Sunday body-slamming. The usual…

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When we’re not body slamming chicks in our spare time, Hobbo and I are just a couple of regular chaps developing some ridiculously good-looking solutions for our respective work environments.

If you’re a regular here, you’ll know that the laydeez in my office outnumber the guys, quite significantly, and they are forever attempting to queer eye my hetero ass. I have to give them credit. Despite the fact that they belittle my clothing, hairstyle, footwear, aversion to ironing… they feel compelled to stroke the ego on the odd occasion by encouraging me to get my guns out, especially when I’m rockin’ a cheeky t-shirt on casual Friday.

BICEPS: you're fuckin' using them wrong!

I had underestimated how horny, filthy, or just plain despicable girls could be, but in the land of the pale and pasty it is clear that the fairer sex has hormones too. Every laydee needs the occasional, mind-blowing  body slam.

It’s like my grandfather once said: ‘Girls, like little boys, are *also* shy.’ Indeed they are, but we have devised a strategy that will hopefully assist in getting a lot more people laid.

We all like biceps. Fact. Men like showing them off. Femen like to hold them, caress them, lick them, and even photograph them. Fortunately there is a day dedicated to sweet sweet bicep love and now you too can be a part of the GYGOF (Get Your Guns Out Friday) action.

My colleague Sophie Mac (and her sexually frustrated friend Lisa) was the muse for the social experiment that is going to be blowing minds in offices, universities and old age homes across the planet shortly.

They could always rely on Blue to bang bad bitches at Waterfall Horizons Retirement Village

Laydeez (and dudes who get enjoyment from seeing other dudes flex) we have created an environment for you to objectify, perv and make lewd, inappropriate comments about men without fear of judgement. The GYGOF Facebook Fan page is now live. Make yourself at home. Invite your friends. Upload pics and video of dudes you work or study with, validating your tickets to the Guns Show.

We have encouraged more than 50 members within the first day of the page being live, so this is clearly something that you are all gagging for. Hopefully it continues to grow (that’s what she said), we can produce a qualitay wank bank for the senhoritas, and get some relevant brands onboard like Virgin Active or Men’s Health to dish out some prizes. Humans, after all, lose inhibitions to prizes quicker than Protea wickets to Indians.

Finally, something to be Gun’ho about. Ok, I’ll stop with the lame puns…

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