Hobbo and I have been in the UK for almost two years now, and in between the binge drinking, hitting on anything with a hole and a heartbeat, and the occasional inconvenience of putting pants on to clock in at the day job, the highlight of our time on Mud Island has been music.

The UK is a little bit like Marmite – you either dig it lank or you drop lip and sulk about the weather, having to share the tube with dirty poor people, and missing out on Wacky Wednesdays. Love it or hate it, however, you can’t fault it for its high calibre of concerts.

Tourism Queensland had a pretty RADASS (copyright Slick Tiger) competition last year where they offered some random the opportunity to work for six months exploring the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef, while reporting on his travels through regular blog posts. All he had to do to enter was submit a 30s YouTube video of himself being all creative and shit – he  even landed a cool 150K Aussie dollars to wash that all down – Naais!

Now Trident (*brand plug*) has gone one step further and has pushed the boat out on the title of Best Job. You could even say its marketing department has developed a six month contract that is worthy of the title ‘BestEST Job’. Please appreciate the job spec:

The bird,on the bottom,2nd from the right is *not* rawkin' out sufficiently

Being paid £30K for 30 weeks of festival going. Jayzez! It’s probably better if I don’t win this because my internal organs may just implode after week one. If you’re up for the challenge and want the skinny on how to enter, click here or check out the MyTube video below.

Happy GYGOF (Get Your Guns Out Friday) !


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  • Filip on Mar 5th 2010 at 12:58

    So you decided to go for it after all eh?

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