Dear friends, the peeps who visit this space on a regular basis (jayzez you must have boring jobs), and all our loyal spammers who shneakily try to get your comments approved about viagra, illegal movie downloads, and midget trafficking.

The two month ‘Find Myself’ Tour is nearing conclusion and in less than 24 hours Ill be boarding a flight back to Heathrow. Very AVERAGE!

I have a day in London to Reggie’s Toy Rush my way around the city and collect all of my shit scattered across various post codes, say ‘pace out’ to a few china plates who weren’t able to join us at our EpicFierce toga party , and make a few key purchases.

While Hobbo continues to fly the fancy dress flag in London, I’m heading back to SA – not just to diski-dance the funk out of June/July – but to pour my guts into a project that I’ve been working on for close to a year now (with my silent partner – thanks for everything pal)

After hours, at weekends, and getting high on sugar-laced eggnog lattes in Starbucks over the Xmas period, we’ve been clutching at any available second to develop our offering, our brand and all the ‘boring’ behind the scenes nonsense of an entrepreneurial endeavour that you don’t appreciate while you’re hating on management, as an employee around the watercooler.

I try to be cool, but, as the girls I’ve worked with will all attest, I’m a *bit* of a nerd. I get off on talking to marketing directors, CEOs, and even friends who don’t give a monkey, about the awesomeness of the internet – not just the porn part, but the fact that you can specifically introduce your brand to relevant people without spending millions on a TV ad that may not even survive the wrath of the remote control. In a nutshell, we’re launching a consultancy that focuses on a brand’s online presence, how it’s using social media and what slick tactics we can develop to support our proposed strategies. I’ll give you the full demo to hear your thoughts once the site is complete 😉

Unfortunately I won’t be returning home with a suitcase full of prezzies and a bank account stockpiled with pink Queen Lizzys (50GBP). After travelling and setting up the biz, I’m now broke.

This isn’t the end of the world. It will mean a few months of baked beans on toast or backed bin toast (Hindi), living at home with mom and dad (FML, but hopefully inclusive of material to rival @shitmydadsays), and you guys treating me to drinks and/or home cooked meals? Hey, just throwing it out there!

Thanks to everyone who’s listened and contributed to my bullshit broadcast from Mud Island.

The adventures will continue in Joziwood and the World Cup has some sneaky surprises in store for us here at sharmanandhobbo.

I am going to be a tourguide for an ex producer of a Japanese TV channel – take him to some of the games, the Hat, get him trolleyed at Teazers – just be a phenomenal host really. So keep an eye out for the ‘Teaching Kino-San’ series

Catch you on the flip flop!


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  • Lee-Anne on Jul 13th 2010 at 07:41

    I saw your comment on SlickTiger’s post about the 3 Greatest Swearers of all time, and thought, “Hey I might know that dude.”

    And then I read this post, and was all like, “Maybe not.”

    And then I came to the part where you were going to take a Japanese Tourist called Kino-San to Teazers and then I was all like, “I have TOTALLY heard the outcome of this story!”
    So either I have developed my psychic mind so well- that I now resemble a ninga or future kin of Notradamus- or I really did meet you at Tam’s Bday.

    Yeah, I’m going with the whole Daughter of Notradamus Ninja thing too.

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