Ola Ola, shap hoezit!

I’ve been back in this South Afrikkin rad place for about six weeks now and anything that you have read on the interwebs about the tournament, the people, the ass-Shakira-ing – doesn’t begin to tangibly convey how much of a bitchin jamathon it’s really been!

Below is a pictorial representation of how I have spent my days since my return to Joziwood.

Die Antwoord performing live at the Woods

1st weekend back - got fokken poesnaai'd on Jagermeister and threw name - immensely

Dad in Makarapa

Got my old boy into the fancy dress vibe for the opening match of FIFA WC 2010

Soccer City

The calm before the storm - these fuckers lost their tits when Tshabalala scored the opening goal. Dad was convinced the Calabash was going to collapse when people went Nelly Retardo

We jammed with some Mexicans...

A random Yankee bird showed off her bald eagle!

The Red Ants did a good job of ridding Ellis Park of fokken prawns for the duration of WC2010

The journey wasn't as EASY as had been prophesied for the Poms. FAIL

World Cup host

I was a phenomenal #worldcuphost - I taught Injans and Japaneasies the art of photobombing - Bonjour Monsieurs Viera and Wenger

We morphed it to Bloemfontein and believed the impossible. Bafana didn't make the 2nd round, but it was worth the roadtrip when we stuck it in deep to those cheating French...

And even when Bafana went out of the tournament, we still flew the African flag (some of us at full mast) for Ghana!

We would have loved the freaky deaky Dutch to have won, but ultimately embraced a Spanish win...

And we all kept flying our flags, cunt-punted negativity from society, and lived happily ever after. Bring on the 2020 Olympics! Fuck yeah!

You did good SA, and because I love you so much, Waka Waka you beautiful mother fakas!

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