It’s been exactly one month since we removed the paint from our FACES and Fifania™ was restored to its rightful ruler – Lord Jacob Zuma, and while naming rights for the Calabash are being debated on a mass level, Soccer City (as it will be affectionately known, forever IMHO) will tonight host a Titanic clash as Bafana take on BaGhana.

While us Average Joes have returned to our rat-race routines, some entrepreneurial geniuses have been hard at work, behind the scenes, looking at how they can continue to leverage their brands off of FIFA World Cup 2010.

Normally roadside leaflets that promise penis enlargement are a dime a dozen, but we all know I can use all the help I can get, and I took a special shine to the below:

traditional healer

Paul Octopus - psychic and medicinal consultant

While the majority of the online community in South Africa is begrudging Cell C and its employment of Trevor Noah as CEO, let’s take a moment to reflect on the AWESOMENESS of Mama – Balack and her insightful offline tactics:

a) Because her surname has clear similarities with German hero Michael Ballack, she has included a pic of famous German Cephalapod in her marketing materials
2) Consistency is key in marketing and she nails this area, by highlighting her first service – that of the Octopus palm reading
c) My favourite element of this flyer, however, is the use of irony. If you take a gander at the line that details ‘Bad Spells’ you will appreciate how she has incorrectly spelt ‘Lose’ as ‘Loose’ (#pethate) in the proceeding line.

Mama-Balack, you cheeky monkey, I will alert my friends in ‘The Industry’ that they need to watch their backs at Loeries 2011, because you are comin’ for their asses, Yo!

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