I managed to speak to some people who know some people who were organising a MasterCard ‘Road to New Zealand’ event, and I mosey’d on down to the Radisson Blu in Sandton yesterday.

As a side-note, how fucking retarded is Radisson. They built two Radisson Blu hotels in Sandton, on the same road, 200m apart. There were about 20 IBM idiots that strolled in during the course of our event, so confucked with the whereabouts of their soirée – SHAME!

Anyhoo. The purpose of the event was to show off the awesomeness of New Zealand – it’s not just hobbits and preciouses on those islands, yo! (Hopefully someone influential will read this post and send me to NZ for the Rugby World Cup 2011 to discover said awesomeness and take subsequent pics and videos for you cheeky lil monkeys *hint* *wink* *nudge*)

The drawcard for the big day was the appearance of John Smit and Richie McCaw. I feel for them. Here are two hulking beasts of humanity who eat raw flesh for breakfast every Saturday, being subjected to wearing cutesy branded polo shirts and forced to parade around a room full of banka-wankas, smiling and posing for photos, while the rest of their teams are sweating blood, training for Saturdays EpicFierce 90,000 seater sell-out.

I posed for a picture, for my mom. You can always tell a mom-posed photo – those are the ones with my tongue still *in* my mouth. Laydeez, prepare to change your panties. I present the Mike Sandwich…

Rugby World Cup 2011

What every girl dreams of: The McCaw-Smit spitroast

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  • Ice on Aug 19th 2010 at 12:56

    Great Stuff! It was LOADS of fun!!

  • vixi on Aug 19th 2010 at 03:02

    wow richie is a BIG boy!

  • Mike on Aug 19th 2010 at 03:45

    Vixi, just to re-iterate, *I* am the one in the middle…

    Ice, glad you could make it 😉

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