Spending time in the UK did absolutely nothing for my potty mouth. Poms drop the ‘C-bomb’ more frequently than they smile, and it’s practically a term of endearment to call your male colleagues a country – without the ‘ry’of course – to their faces!

E-mails and the internet are the Devil as they facilitate sharing of dodgy material – and the faster broadband speeds become the easier it is for us to get our smutty little paws on filth from all corners of the globe. China and North Korea have a great approach. Can you imagine how simple it would be for five year olds to become distracted from stitching Nikes if they actually had access to YouTube or Facebook?

I thank the webgods for Cyanide & Happiness and the fact that there is actually a platform for the unpolitical correctness of the comics they produce. If you haven’t had the pleasure of smashing a C&H artwork in your FACE, you’ve probably been hiding under a rock somewhere. One of my favourites below:

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to my favourite new derrty comic production house, Lunch Money Mafia. It came as a massive shock when I discovered that it is both local, AND written by a girl. It did however all make sense when I discovered her surname is Sharman*.

* Disclaimer. We are not related.

##WARNING## the below comic is totally offsides, so ensure you have a good sense of humour before proceeding. I have warned you! Courtesy of the filthiest chick in the land, Kirsty Carrot / Sharman.

And traffic to S&H plummeted to an all-time low!

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  • Kirsty on Aug 26th 2010 at 03:49

    This is one of my favorites… although it is TOTALLY offensive to woman, i feel it just has that extra “i’m going to hell” aspect thats very hard to come by… Follow me on twitter if your mind is as naughty as mine @KirstyCarrot

  • Jessica on Aug 26th 2010 at 03:55

    I find this comic completely unrealistic. We all know that ginger’s don’t have girlfriends!!!
    Awesome stuff dude, keep the filth coming. It makes my work day that much more bearable… That and my hot boss!

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