I’ve been well impressed with the attitude of Jo’burgers this year. Lower levels of road rage on the streets, lower levels of roid rage at the gym – I reckon it’s all down to the vuvu-zwaylas, innit.

The most goosebump-inducing thing for me, however, is the way in which more events from Joziwood, in particular have been themed around good-doing. More and more event organisers are encouraging you to rock out with your cock out, get wizasted, AND do such hedonistic things for a good cause!

Below is a selection of images from Friday’s Daredevil Speedo run if you haven’t seen the pics on faceballs or on twatter already. We’re looking good to break the World Record for most budgie smugglers in one place at the same time. RESULT!

I'm here to deliver a package!

Nothing like a Friday arvie selection of cocktail sausages

Hang out with your wang out!

And for our Afrikaans readers... a more conservative pose!

Now that Speedo Friday is out of the way, I’d like to entice you to join me on a more clothed (optional) journey. One which involves smashing booze in your FACE, raising money for charity, Fancy dress (ding ding ding) AND a 10 Thousand Rond winner’s cheque. It sounds like the stuff out of Hollywood, but listen closely my pretties, this is Joziwood, and I’m about to end your week off in the most EpicFierce way imaginable.


  • You need to assemble a team of 4/5. Not distinctly average people, not a bunch of half-arsed Joe’s. This is the AMAZING Race for no other reason than you are expected to be AMAZING, at all times! Dressing, drinking, driving – all amazing!
  • You need a team name – it should complement your theme. Unless you’re planning on coming as the Hell’s Angels, ‘Wheels of Satan’ isn’t exactly going to support your Barbie and Ken outfits
  • You need a Designated Dawn – we know guys can’t be trusted not to drink and drive, especially when the rest of his team are consuming enough Hand grenades to make them fluent in Swahili. You are obligated to name a responsible female to perform all driving activities. We can get fucked and be responsible at the same time
  • Pimp your ride, yo. If you expect anyone to buy into your fantasy, you are expected to go all out in every department. Nail polish racing stripes, spoilers made from Rice Krispies boxes, stop worrying about being judged for five minutes and dress like a douche – there will be 1000 other people looking equally as autistic as you. Guaranteed!
  • Have a look at the awesomeness from last year’s race. If these don’t convince you how EpicFierce this event is and make you click through to amazingraceforcharity.wordpress.com IMMEDIATELY to sign up, well then, quite frankly you can E.A.D (eat a dick)

And you doubted me on the AMAZING part, didn't you?

These chicks have a BA in Fancydress Communications. Clearly!

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better than that… there’s also a video:

There you have it. This is your one chance to be truly AMAZING. Click here, sign up and come alive MORE for a Saturday showdown!

Any questions? That’s why we have a comments section 😉

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  • SheBee on Oct 18th 2010 at 08:19

    Dude – I fucking LOVE YOUR BLOG. Seriously, one of my favourites, easily.

    The Amazing Race. I had to miss it last year, and I will miss it again this year, thanks to being in Cape Town on bizznizz 🙁

    I even fucking whoreganised a calendar event and got a team together for this one, and then Heidi reminded me we would be away. So bummed!

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