We pride ourselves – here at S & H – on our artistic integrity and we won’t appear in just any video, er adult film. Since last week’s Daredevil Speedo run was for an immensely good cause, and we are fully immersed in Cocktober, it made sense to throw our intellectual foreskinsight into the ring for a Zoopy interview. What? You don’t know what Zoopy is? Well it’s only the most epic video site in the World… second only to MyTube. Check, check, check it out.

Anyhoo, news of my package spread like an STD throughout the twittersphere and I was an obvious spokesperson for testicles. Jabu and Lani, even caught a glimmer of airtime below:

So the majority of you were either too scared or too female to join us on the actual speedo run, but this Saturday sees the most Amazing event that any of you could participate in – all year – in Joziwood. Don’t pretend you have no clue what I’m talking about. Click here to enter the Amazing Race for Charity 2010. Fancy dress, booze, fancy dress, R10,000 prize money, after party, did I mention fancy dress?!?

  • Date: 23 October 2010
  • Venue: Baron Sandton
  • Time: 12:30
  • Prize giving: 19:00
  • After party: 19:30 – LATE.
  • Team: 4 or 5 people, female driver.
  • Cost: R500 per team; R1500 per corporate team

Come alive. MORE! Be Amazing!

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