SterKinekor and 2Oceansvibe were facestalking me the other day. Apparently Seth was on the hunt for some inspiration for the latest style. He has to keep his ‘look’ ahead of the game now that he is the GQ Best Dressed Man in SA – I’m quite progressive like that.

He stumbled across my Faceballs wall and, the fact that I have 12 Friends was a clear signal that I’m HUGE online. Most people in real life will never have more than five friends. Also, I follow about 43,400 people on twitter, so ya, I know people! You can’t buy that sphere of influence!

I was invited to a pre-screening of The Social Network last night, and I learnt some pretty good lessons from the Facebook story. If you want to get anywhere in life and achieve bazillionaire status, all you need to do is follow the four simple steps below:

Step 1: Make friends with a geeky, social retard who is great at internet code

This is the most important phase of the whole operation. If you don’t befriend the geek, your chances of making any moolah are like Black chicks in a horror fliek – dead within the first five minutes!

Step 2: Stock up said geek with some beers and snacks

Lite beers are a win as they are not too heavy on the liquor – you need the pale geekazoid mellow, not farked. He’s at his happiest when you allow him to code his lil heart out. He’s crap at socialising so you’ll never run the risk of him embarrassing you at any public gatherings. RESULT!

Step 3: A subtle amount of PR goes a long way

According to Hollywood, smoking hot Asian girls are suckers for web 2.0 startup geeks and their best friends. An article in the local varsity newspaper will go a long way in getting you and your new BGFE (Best Geek Forever) dodgy-bar-toliet-head!

Step 4: Make friends with Justin Timberlake

With Timberlake onboard, there will be no shortage of underage girls and cocaine at a party. SCORE!

SterKinekor has been kind enough to offer me two tickets to any movie, for posting the below image. I’m going to take those badboys and pay them forward, to you, you sexy lil thangs. The first person to post the answer to the following question, in the comments section will be the Woza Winner, wena!

What is the name of Justin Trousersnake’s character in The Social Network? Annnnd… Go!

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  • DAN on Oct 26th 2010 at 02:05

    Sean Parker

  • Mike on Oct 26th 2010 at 02:23

    Dan, you little dancer! Nailed it! As soon as SterKinekor gives me the deets about the tickets, you’ll be the first to know…

    Good job sailor 😉

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