Ok, so there’s a bit of sensationalism in that title. I can’t promise you’ll meet him, but if you win, you *will* be in the same venue as the legend (if you’re in Joziwood), and if you play your cards right, you may even coax him into sharing the hole-in-the-box popcorn with you (winky face)!


To eliminate your Moanday Blues, and your feeling of self-dogshit I thought I would throw something out there that would turn your frowns upside down, yo!

The gangstas at MTN have been rocking some bitchin’ movie premieres this year, with the likes of the A-team, and they are pulling out the stops once again to bring you the opportunity to hobnob and knob-gob (if that’s your thing) at one of the first screenings of Spud.

What you need to do:

Get your bitch-ass over to the MTN blog, by clicking HERE. Sweet Jayzez they have made it simple for you to win. You can enter via Faceballs, twatter, by blogging, or even by streaking through an Amish village – how do you think I hooked up my tickets? Be quick, you only have a few hours to enter!

Premieres are being screened in Joziwood, Durbs, and Cape Tony (the home of Slicktiger, BOET!)

One of the things you may be required to do, is broadcast your highschool nickname over the interwebz. Don’t be shy, we were all pimple-faced siff youths at some stage.

I’ll get the ball rolling…

I acquired the nickname of Squirtle, which was fortunately forgotten after a few months, I might add. Prior to the annual banana hammock photo with the rest of the budgie smugglers from the swimming team, I thought I would duck to the gents for a safety pee. I shook the anteater, solidly, to ensure that there was no excess box-carton grape juice lying around. I did a pretty shite job and the spillage on a red speedo… Noticeable MUCH?

Needless to say, I went redder than that disco stick satchel!

We had a facebook poll and our readers want to see Asians in speedos!

Enter now, bitches!

Squirtle out


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