You can grow up, but you don’t have to grow old!

You’re probably sitting there, thinking: ‘I have some pretty cool friends’. Well I’m going to present a series of pictures that challenges that very thinking. To the core!

Two of my closest friends are tying the knot in less than a month. Why do I love them so much, because they dig fancy dress and cheese, lank! They are proof that it is possible to be in your late 20s and not take life too seriously, and that’s today’s lessons kids (you’re welcome)

Please appreciate the awesomeness of this engagement shoot. You may also want to scroll to the end of the page. It’s competition time again, playas!

Welcome to Cheeseville, Benoni

Adele is definitely the Driver in the relationship

You think Blue-balls is bad, try Tee-balls!

'De Wet could make one helluva Sandwich', blushed Adele

Crash Test Lovies

Putting from the rough. Can you feel that? Huh?

Absolutely STUNNING!

Competition time: To win two tickets to tonight’s FNB Whisky Live event at the Sandton Convention Centre, Joziwood, answer the following question in the comments’ section.

True or False: Whisky ages in the bottle!

And …. GO!

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    False! 🙂

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