You gotta love South African politics, especially when it comes to the awesomeness of the ANC Youth League. For those of you who don’t know, The ANCYL’s president, Julius ‘JuJu’ Malema and his PR machine threatened to ‘closer the twitter’ last week, after they discovered more than 12 accounts impersonating ‘oh President, my President’.

This is what the ANCYL intelligentsia had to say:

“The ANCYL has in [sic] more than one occasion reported these impersonators and hackers, yet no action has been taken against them by the Twitter administrators. We will now approach the relevant authorities to report these hackers and call for the closer [sic] of Twitter if its administrators are not able to administer reports for violation of basic human rights and integrity.”

“Those who are hacking systems and impersonating the ANCYL leadership should immediately stop doing so because the laws of this country will come very hard on them.”

Needless to say, the ‘come very hard on them’ line went down like mommy’s panties on Father’s Day.

In order to show solidarity for Comrade Julius’s cause, DJs, bloggers and regular shmo’s on the interwebz have dedicated today to change their profiles on *the* twitter and other social media platforms.

One. Meeeeeelion. Tweetahs!

Have yourselves a Nelly Retardo weekend, you sexy lil thangs. If you’re up in Joziwood, make sure to shake your booty over to the Sandton Convention Centre for FNB Whisky Live, tonight. Hotties, cocktails… need I say more?

Peace in the Middle East


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