I’m so excited,a little bit of wee just came out of me. Please have a look at how incredible Mini is. Below is the invite to the Countryman launch this Friday.

I love roadtrips and getaways more than rainbows and quite possibly even rings around the sun, and have had the fortune of being introduced to the awesome team of Chris and Shannon, founders of the Secret City Project. In a few short minutes they will be picking me up to show me around yo Mamma City.

Below is info about the project, taken directly from their site. Pics, video and possible taxi-cab nudity to follow in an upcoming post. However, as liberal as people think Capetonians are, some of them don’t take kindly to getting your kit off and dry humping hen-party-goers on a Saturday night out in this town. Or at least large Nigerian bouncers at Tahger Tahger, dont…

About The Project

‘How well do you know your City? As a local, you’ve done the tourist beat so many times, you break out into a leper’s rash whenever you hear that saccharine marimba music or see a happy penguin T-shirt. You’ve seen Table Mountain so many times on your morning commute you’d only notice it properly if it set the scene for a massive, saucerous space invasion of District 9 proportions. It’s a beautiful City we live in, but after a few years, one becomes sadly desensitised to all that.

We’ve lived in Cape Town most of our lives and, like most Capetonians our age, we’re itching to skip the country and explore the world. We want to see what’s out there.  But not before we’ve seen what’s right here. We want to rediscover this City in the most surprising way and experience Cape Town all over again.

To set us on the right track, we’ve started a conversation with the Mother City. We want to speak to Capetonians and find out what they do in the City, and what the City does to them. We’re calling on you to join this conversation, and follow us as we rediscover the secret side of Cape Town – the anonymous local spots way off the beaten track, the behind-the-scenes goings-on of anything at all interesting, the best places to eat, the best places to party and, most importantly, the beautiful people who make this a beautiful City in the first place.’

*Cough cough* I feel a bout of Routine-itis setting in.

Peace in the Middle East!


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  • Bridge on Nov 24th 2010 at 09:23

    I kinda liked the lack of kit and dry humping. . .but i guess im not a true capetonian:)

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