Hello gang!

I haven’t been as intimate with you this week, as I would have liked, but it’s like those times when daddy has to work late. It’s because I love you.

Good news is that I’m back in Joziwood to whisper sweet nothings in your ears and reiterate how incredibly gorgeous you all are.

Daddy working late. I do it for you!

I arrived back in town yesterday arvie, had a Portuguese shower and *attempted* to pretty myself up for the Powermat launch last night. I’m not going to bore you with any techspeak, but in a nutshell, Powermat is lank kief. It’s a mat that powers your shit (well, celery phones for now). See what they did with the name there – genius.

The most exciting thing for me is their US ad campaign. They have tapped into the current trend of Fanta Pants’ references and cast this lil Ranga dynamo in the most phenomenal role of his life. He totally shines. I intend to find him, friend him on faceballs and even follow him on twitter.

Shame, he’s so excited, he’s on the verge of spontaneous combustion. Ahhh! Come in for the big one you lil carrot top. I wonder if they are going to follow a similar vibe in Safland? Who would you cast?

In other news, today is the Mini Countryman launch. I’m so excited, I keep having to clench the anteater, to prevent a little bit of wee escaping from my body. True story!

The dudes at Mini are radicool (copyright the Unicorn) and are not only being awesome by sponsoring me wheels for the month of December, they are going to be working with me to offer you some badass prizes this festive season. I take delivery of the MikeSharman branded Mini on Wednesday. Stay tuned for deets of how you sexy lil thangs can win right here and via facebook and twitter when you see my Countryman roadtrippin’ through your neighbourhood.

Have a lickety slick weekend ya’ll – remember Krazee 4 Kripples, at Harties tomorrow, if you’re looking for a great cause to support!

Life is short. Play naked!


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