And it needs to get kicked square in the nuts. Anyone involved in the fight against it, deserves a major high five!

Moments in Time is one such initiative, and according to the website,is a one of a kind project that portrays everyday South Africans living with cancer, all of whom are afflicted with different forms of the disease and are at different stages in their treatment process. This year for the first time, those featured in the project are all beneficiaries of the Moments in Time Trust and have received some measure of financial assistance from the Trust.

I dunno about you, but I always struggle to find unique and personal Chrismukkah (Xmas and Hanukkah) gifts for all the badass people in my life. Well lucky for me and you (wink,hint,nudge), Moments in Time has a range of gifts that you can purchase, without having to brave the festivzillas – those deranged, last-minute shopper types! Check out the products here – calendars, diaries, gift packs – you’ll lose your mind.

Pocket diary

Moments in Time gift pack

Slick and for a great cause – it’s a double header. Now head over to the site (Moments in Time), take a screen grab of the ‘Products 2011’ page, email said screen grab to mike.sharm[at]gmail[dot]com – the first person who mails me will receive the above gift pack and diary, courtesy of MIT.

Annnnnnd …

GO! Kick cancer in the nuts!

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    Congratulations to Lea Opperman – BOOM! Woza Winner Wena!

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