Hi gang,

If you weren’t around a few weeks ago you would have missed out on an epic tale of corporate awesomeness. In the shell of a nut, I had my car stolen after a year of insane highs and diabolical lows, and Mini South Africa approached me to attend the launch of it’s best car yet (in my opinion), the Countryman, and offered the services of said vehicle for an entire month. Read the full story here at my mate Nic’s blog if you’re innerested…

I collected the car yesterday. Leather interior, guyPhone 4 compatibility, innernet radio, Harman Kardon sound-system, sunroof; the list goes on and will definitely be presented to you in a graphic representation over the next five weeks – it’s safe to say that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to drive another brand again.

Quasimodo was having a sexy affair with the SharMINI

The amazing thing about this mechanical sexiness is how big it is (that’s what she said). I’m peaking at a massief 6ft3 and I have more space – in the backseat – than I do in the emergency exit row of a commercial airliner.

But wait, there’s more. Mini South Africa is the bomb-diggety. They don’t just care about me. They want to make sure that you got the love too, like that fiery red-head Florence and her Machine. Grrr! (Read about Florence and co’s appearance at the Countryman launch)

Florence and the Machine rocking the Countryman launch

If you scroll to the top of the page, now back to me, back to the top, back to me. You’ll see that the car is branded ‘#MINIGetaway’. My car is the only one in the country with this ‘hashtag’ and we have gone and done this for a reason.

This lil sexpot and I are going to be roadtrippin’ from Joziwood to Yo Mamma City, via Durban for some cricket shenanigans and to pick up babes for free rides, and the infamous Hobbo will be in SA for the jamathon of all New Year shenaniganary (watch out for that addition to the Oxford dictionary in 2012).

From now until the 10th of Jan, you have a chance of winning an advanced driving course with me and Mini at the Kyalami race track where we are going to be putting some badass cars through their paces, and I’ll have the chance to practice my Clarkson impersonations and The Stig ‘some-says’.

All you have to do:

  • Take a pic of this car with the #MINIGetaway branding visible in the shot
  • Post it to twitter and include @mikesharman AND #MINIGetaway in the tweet
  • If you’re not on twitter, post your pic to your Facebook wall and then inbox me and tell me you have posted it on your wall. Here’s where to find me on faceballs

It’s as simple as that. If you see me in the traffic, wave, hoot, smile and show me your tittieseeth.

Remember guys, no drinking and driving this Festive Season, and more importantly…

Drive it like you stole it!

Mwah! xoxo

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  • Adrian on Dec 8th 2010 at 09:06

    Sounds awesome man, enjoy! That internet radio alone sounds like a winner. Also: being pretty tall myself, I’ve always been apprehensive of the Mini, so it’s good to hear about the spaciousness.

    I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for you on our streets (both for the competition and to make sure I keep a safe following distance!). Would certainly not mind taking a spin on that advanced driving course 😉

    Cheers, A.

  • SheBee on Dec 8th 2010 at 11:55

    Rad! I’m totally inviting you over for coffee so I can tweet and faceballs your SharMINI and win prizes.

    Don’t say I’m not your mate.

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