Two of my closest mates are getting married tomorrow and I have been tasked with the MC duties. I wrote a post about their AMAZE engagement shoot a couple months back, here.

I’ve been raiding their archive photography, and using the wonders of iMovie to blend stills and music together in a bomb-diggety mix of nostalgic awesomeness.I even resorted to taking pics of the couple as little kids off my guyPhone, so that I didn’t have to douche around with scanners and other obsolete technology. I don’t want to ruin the surprise before the wedding, but I’ll post the video on MyTube on Monday for anyone who is interested in seeing the final product. Spielberg – I’m coming for you…

In the meantime, here is a pic of the groom, as a small item

What a cute lil bugger

See you Monday with an update on my outing to Madame Zingara and how a homeless man approached my SharMINI Countryman to check if it was the new Cooper S. True Story. We’ll also be driving the Secret City Project guys around Joziwood in the Mini to pick up some local celebs, see what makes them tick, and most importantly, are they as hot in real life as their voices are on radio…

Keep it safe this weekend pumpkins! If you’re not at a wedding, get your asses down to Sonic Summer -Goldfish, Die Antwoord, Jax Panik, Locnville – the line up be bitchin’. Totalz


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