Why do we like Castle? Not for the beer of course, but for the brand’s celebration of fancy dress. For those of you who don’t know, the reason this site exists is because the Hob-dawg and I won a Fanatical Fan competition almost three years ago, were sent to London to follow the Proteas around the Home of Cricket, and accepted an invitation by Her Majesty to kick it on Mud Island for a couple of years.

Castle has once again upped the ante. This time, interpretive dressing has the potential to take you to the most fanatical cricketing nation, during (arguably) the most EPIC sporting event of the next decade – The 2011 Cricket World Cup. I have had the good fortune of experiencing a Champions’ League clash between Mumbai and Rajasthan and I can guarantee that, should you be in India in Feb/March 2011, you will experience an atmosphere akin to that of Russell Crowe at the Colosseum.

I’m on the hunt for Superfan victory. I contracted a major bout of Losers by not *even* making the top 4 at Supersport Park on Saturday. Next stop Kingsmead for the Boxing Day Test and to take fancy dress to another level. If all else fails, there’s always Cape Town for the New Year episode…

I want to go to India to get my Legover

I did manage to see Kallis score his maiden 200... and his 200th maiden #voyeurism

People of Centurion: tattoo the phrase 'I am free' upon approval of their divorce

If you’re at any of the matches this festive season and you see me dressed like a knob-jockeyus-maximus, holla, and let’s get Castled together!

Don’t drink and drive!


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