As long as I can remember, my old man  has referred to Xmas lights as ‘fairy lights’, and every bar area that he has ever built, in every house we have lived in, has been adorned with fairy lights of some description – regardless of the time of year. I blame his numerous trips to Germany and China for his obsessive fascination with kitsch things that glow in a variety of colours.

Genetically, by default, I dig fairy lights. My mate Muz informed me of a street in P-town – Waterkloof’s Lawley Street, in particular – that comprises residents who are lighting befok. So we did the obvious thing, jumped in the SharMINI and went to check, check, check it out.

If you’re still lurking around the streets of Joziwood, looking for a bit of an adventure, put a cooler box together, and head out to Pretoria!

Pretoria: the culprit of SA loadshedding since 2009

SharMINI approves of fairy lights

In the land of the Jacaranda, purple lights are a win!



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  • Big Guy on Jan 9th 2011 at 09:39

    I never saw these “beauties” in Taiwan or Germany. Thanks for the lead!!

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