If you managed to crawl your leathery, sun-soaked bawdy back into the office today, congratulations. You’re probably reminiscing about your holidays and wishing you were still absorbing deadly UV rays, as opposed to snow-blindness from Excel spreadsheets.

Last week Sunday I was kicking back at Newlands, breaking my New Year’s test virginity, when I received a tweet from a mate John McInroy of Red Sock Friday fame – he told me I should hook up with a mate of his Jamie ‘Fun’ Schoor.

It was an instant bromance when Hobbo and I bumped into the Funmeister. The Hobbdawg and I were kitted in the famous Morphsuits, and so too were Fun and his Gang. Serendipty, MUCH? Although all of this action went down on a Sunday, my cheeky alliteration of a headline wouldn’t have worked as well without the Monday part. Please enjoy all of the visual tomfoolery below:

Snow White & the 7 Morphs: fairytales are a lot more risque in 2011

Howzat? Saksy

RedMan was the self-appointed ball boy of the Newlands Test

We lost CamoMan, temporarily, when he snuck off for a boozy nap!

We found him, woke him, made him climb a tree...

Where in the World is Camo San Diego?

We then took our FACES off, downed shots of 'shoe' ...

And we all slept happily ever after! Until we woke up with muchos hangovers that is…

Here’s to 2011, kicking it in the nuts, and making it your beatch!


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  • Funmeister on Jan 11th 2011 at 11:54

    The reason FUN is my middle name… Congrats on the tickets to India! Wanderers is on like Donkey Kong…

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