Watching the New Year’s Test at Newlands inspired some fantastic warcries. My favourite was encouraging Red Morph to down pints of Castle from his shoe: ‘Stu, Stu, shoot the shoe; Stu, Stu, shoot the shoe!’

Stu did indeed ‘shoot the shoe’, and even managed to encourage innocent bystanders to get involved in this tacky (see what I did there) affair.

Kevin McCallum, Chief Sports Writer – The Star newspaper, is one of the judges irresponsible for the decision to send me to India, as an ambassador of our fine country, during the Cricket World Cup. His column yesterday focused on a call to action for us Saffas to learn some badass lyrics, prior to the sporting showpiece.

We’re a creative nation. We’re smart, we should definitely be able to outshine those tunes, poorly annunciated on a weekly basis by the Chavs in the Eastern stands of a Scunthorpe United fixture.

If there’s one player an entire nation can rest its expectations on, it’s Hashim Amla aka The Hash, #, #imamla (courtesy of Mike Stopforth). It’s a safe bet then that our warcry will not be wasted if it is dedicated to the great man.

Although Kevin has given me props in the below article for one of the most amazing warcries to ever come out of South Africa, I must pay credit to Mike Oelschig for introducing me to a fine example of #EpicFIERCEness. We don’t care who invented it, we only care that you chant it:

‘He’s bald, he’s feared, he has a cool beard… HASHIM AMMMMMLAAA!’

Loud and proud now buggers… Cricket World Cup. India. Less than a month to go!

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  • Mike on Jan 25th 2011 at 11:08

    Guaranteed I’ll be yelling it from the couch mate… seeing as I’m not in India aaaaaargh…

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