Empty battery, small banana, small spoon

2011 commenced at a furious pace. It’s all a bit Nelly Retardo, right now, and sometimes things feel incredibly overwhelming.

I took the below photo yesterday and posted it to faceballs and the twitterz – I was surprised at the sheer minimalism of the banana (that’s what she said), but when I scanned the picture again a few times, it made a lot more sense. It was like the universe was playing a game of ‘interpretive visuals’ with me:

Today’s lesson is: ‘When your batteries have been exhausted, and your banana is small, even the role of the small spoon can be intimidating’.

The small spoon is one of my favourites! You shouldn’t fear it, you should embrace it. Don’t let yourself burn out, yet. There is much to be accomplished this year. Minds need to be blown.

Take it easy. There’s still time to save yourself. As you can see, I’ve already lost my mind 😉

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  • Murray on Jan 27th 2011 at 09:15

    Being the small spoon is FTW!

  • Leanne on Jan 27th 2011 at 09:29

    ‘Tis the small spoon who gets to enjoy the feeling of receiving twice the amount of times the big spoon does.

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