International Women’s Day

If you didn’t know it yet, today is indeed International Women’s Day. Gawsh I love women and their silky, soft womenliness. Mmm…

If you have a woman in your life, turn to her tenderly and kiss her on the cheek. If not, open-mouth-kiss your mom. Today’s the one day that *most* people shouldn’t judge such behaviour.

I’ve heard a few guys calling for an International Men’s Day, but after running a quick Google search, I stumbled across the efforts of Trinidad & Tobago and I am strongly opposed to this idea

International Men's Day: 6 reasons why I'll never be associated

I’m off to India in the morning to do real manly things – eat curry and drink cocktails without ice cubes – beware the ice cubes – they are carriers of the Delhi Belly…

I’ll have a word with Graeme and the boys to beat India, in Nagpur. No sweat. Catch you on the telly , Yfm, or on 3Talk. I hope to invade your FACE over the next five days…


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