3Talk interview with Noeleen – part2

For those of you who saw my in-studio interview with Noeleen two weeks ago, you would have noticed that there was indeed some chemistry heating up the silver screen.

The ‘chick with no legs’ (Lesson: a chick with one leg = I-lene. Get it, got it, good?) managed to convince me to give her my digits, added me to her speed-dial options, and kept in touch while I was in India for five days. Shame – she’s only human.

We had a special call while I was in Nagpur last week. I managed to slip in another ‘Nelly Retardo’ and teach the nation the Hashim Amla song. This one is dedicated to all my new married mom followers from P.E. Once my interview concludes at the 3:50 mark, there is some cooking awesomeness for you to enjoy:

Just to set the record straight: Noeleen and I are in an open relationship…


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  • Rohan on Mar 18th 2011 at 08:09

    Sharman, there you go whoring yourself again. If it’s not for dressing up in a mankini-to flirtling on national televsion. Love your work!! Keep it rolling china!

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