I received a mammajamma DHL box from the courier fairies yesterday morning. It was so massif, I expected it to contain the Stormettes – or whatever it is that DHL has branded the bevvy of beauties that greets Schalk and the boys onto the Newlands pitch during SupeRugby fixtures…

Instead it was a box full of Hunter’s. Dry. Not actual warrior-types…

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a pink-drink-with-umbrella and/or cider kinda guy, so imagine my surprise, on an EpicFierce deadline day, when the first of a year’s supply of Hunter’s arrives at my office door. I have no idea how much a “year’s supply” is, but hey – free booze, beyatches!

More details will unfold over the coming weeks, but Hunter’s is working with some graffiti artists to pimp a wall down in Yo Mamma City at Newlands Stadium, viewable from the Springbok Pub inside Newlands.

I’ll share the skinny with you playas once I am aware. Aweh! In the meantime, here is an artistic shot of the action going down.

Hunter's graffiti wall

Time to smash some Hunter’s in my FACE, while we consume some SupeRugby. Best thing about my girlfriend is that she supports the Sharks, so I get to support a winning team by default. BOOM!

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