It was one big blur. The weekend was like a custard danish, except the filling tasted a lot better and after effects were a lot more awesome. Below is a pictorial representation of the shenanigans, but you know what happened. It’s like you were there anyway…

I put some pants on, as well as my corporate FACE to provide insightful insights about social media at 27Dinner

From Rosebank to Park Station, Joziwood…

I tweeted earlier in the week about 5Gum and how they are the new Lucky Strike. Proof via @annaling

Arrived home, Axed my pits, changed my shirt and headed to the Land Rover experience in Kyalami for my official Put Foot Rally training session…

Land Rover: eating steep-ass hills for breakfast, biyatches!

Repeat cycle: Arrived home, Axed said pits again, changed said shirt, shuttled to Silverstar Casino for a Dinner in the Sky experience

Dinner on the ground, soon to be in the sky

People don't appreciate the natural beauty of Krugersdorp...

Ya, Dinner in the Sky was rad, but cold. I managed to drink myself a an extra jacket in the 40/45 minutes that I was dangling from the Krugersdorp skies. I’m still trying to piece together the remainder of the evening. I remember mixing some cocktails and thinking I was a flaring champ. I tried to convince the barman about how I was born to be a ‘mixologist’ and how my skype name is even sharmanthebarman. Shame.

Yesterday I just vegged out and passively consumed some tennis and stumbled upon my new favourite player. His name is Gael Monfils. He wears Purple and is a Pisces. I’m not sure if he is a Pisces, I just was going for an alliteration there to make myself look smart, but, ya. He seems like a cool dude.

How was your weekend? Did you meet any cool dudes?

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