It’s my gran’s 94th birthday next week. Ya, I know, epic. She’s older than cellphones, and cool names. Her’s is Ethel – I can’t make this stuff up.

Every year, my folks will take her to a restaurant in Chinatown to celebrate. She doesn’t really have a choice. It’s the only place where she can shout and scream and blends in with the other patrons. Also, the waiters don’t understand her, so they don’t take offense when she tells them to get bent.

In celebration of Ethel and other badass old people, I sourced this lil clip on MyTube called ‘Funny Old People’.


Some pensioners were injured and may even have broken a hip or two during the making of this film:

One day you too will be old, trying to show off by riding your grandchild’s Razor push scooter. If you haven’t contracted Oldstimers disease yet, please remember this moment and refrain from any such tomfoolery.

You’ll thank me.


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  • Matt Black on May 31st 2011 at 09:24

    Love the old dude at the end. Only spilled like 3 drops of beer. Champion!

  • Mike on May 31st 2011 at 09:41

    #WINNING 🙂

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