As Saffas, we have a culture of driving drunk. It’s not always tear-off-your-FACE-develop-black-spots-on-your-brain drunk, but we are generally a law unto ourselves.

We have been working with SAB on the No Regret Friday campaign that launched at the start of the month.

Live life to the fullest but ‘Regret Nothing’.

No Regret Friday is a movement that has been created to encourage South Africans to be responsible about drinking and driving. Read real stories from people who have been affected by drinking and driving.

Don’t drink and drive. Share your story or pledge your commitment to the No Regret Friday movement and encourage your friends to do the same.

It’s not a collection of horror stories about how drinking and driving will get you a life sentence in Pollsmoor Prison, where some Coloured dude, stereotypically missing a couple of teeth, is going to have his way with you. This is not about fear tactics and that’s why I’m so passionate about it.

These are real stories and we need to man the fack up and take responsibility for the safety of ourselves, our passengers, and our bulletproof friends who think their reaction times are infinitely more superhuman after each tequila shot they smash into their FACES. You can make all the excuses in the world about lack of public transport infrastructure, logistical nightmarish cab services, being fine to drive after 6 Brandy and Cokes, but I personally would rather spend a couple hundred bucks on making sure I get home safely than being dead or worse – taking someone else’s life…

Head over to the site now: , pledge your support by posting your name, submit your own stories, or tweet / facebook the link to your mates.

Have a bitchin’ weekend playas!

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  • Caro Smit on Jul 22nd 2011 at 05:01

    The pain of losing someone becoz someone else was drinking then drove is terrible.I miss Chas every day,and the pain is always there- slightly duller now after nearly 6 yrs- but still there.
    South Africans Against Drunk Driving is offereing support to victims,and trying to give them a voice. We all have a right to be safe on our roads- and we all have the responsiblity to work towards road safety. Join us at SADD please.

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