While Nash and I were on the Put Foot Rally, brands were challenged to donate to the Bobs for Good cause over at our #ShoesOnFeet site. They did an awesome job. Airwaves Gum, Peresys, Internet Solutions, Tribeca PR, Standard Bank Group, and Vodacom collectively contributed more than R60K.

The good-doing doesn’t stop there. Oh no good people. I recently received some awesome news from my friend Leanne, organiser of Krazee 4 Kripples – no I’m not trying to be clever. That really is the name of the event. You can read about all of its success here

If you’re too goddamn lazy to click the links, K4K was an event where a bunch of craaazzyyy mofo’s went hang gliding over Harties to raise some buckeroos for the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation of South Africa. They raised well over R30K and I even sponsored a pair of titties. Long story, just click the above link if you want the skinny…

Anyhoo, some fancy Merkins from across the pond caught wind of the awesomeness of this event and the Myositis Association of America invited Leanne to present on K4K at their annual patient conference in Sin City, because it is such an EpicFierce case study.

Bad news – she didn’t have the bucks to cover her flights and costs to get to Vegas. Good news – Vodacommaawesome stepped in and have ensured that all of Lea’s financial frowns have been turned upside down.

Vodacom: MozamEpique

We’ll give you an event update after Lea’s return from Vegas, except for the ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ shenanigans, and provide you with the deets of the next K4K event that promises to include bands, high speed car chases, and amazeballs hangovers.


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