We’ve officially kicked off the start of the Etana DareDevil Speed Run Vegas holiday with a few days in New Yawk City.

Some people have their favourite touristy spots; Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty. Mine, however, is B&H.

It’s an electronics’ store like no other. Run by an empire of Orthodox jews, complete with the twirly whirly sideburns, you choose the item you want to purchase, barcodes get scanned, robot arms pull the stock into a little green bucket on a conveyor belt in the roof, which travels between floors and delivers your product to the check out counter on the first floor. Mind-blowing…

Jesus isn't my homeboy

Consumers losing their minds

Do yourself a favour. Visit this store at least once in your life.

Tomorrow we head to Vegas. Inneresting times ahead…


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  • Melissa on Aug 11th 2011 at 06:03

    It sounds like a proper elec-Mecca, I’m so jealous I just vommed a little in my mouth.

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