To ROWYCO (rock out with your cock out) of course.

Budgie smugglers of the world unite as we take to the streets this Friday for Testicular Cancer awareness. 14:30 for 15:00 at Etana House (off Oxford) in Joziwood, Century City running track in Yo Mamma City, and Collegians Rugby fields – next door to the Sharktank. For all the info you need, hit up this link

Etana runs a competition as a build up to the main event, which encourages participants to sport the official race banana hammock around town, doing cah-rah-zee things, filming them and creating hype for the event. Relive the horror of me, RCocking the Gardens here

DaREDevil Run: where being a cock can win you a trip to Vegas!

This year, one cockrocker will win a trip to Thailand or, as Zach Galifianakis calls it, Thighland. There is really only one candidate, though – my fancy dress nemesis – Jon McInroy

The man has paraded around in those grape smugglers for more than a year. Swamp-ass much? His poor girlfriend, it must be sweatier than a Williams’ Sister in his nether regions, but he deserves it.

Register for awesome at today and I’ll see you Friday. That is all 😉

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