Vodacom Color SuperPeers

Just to state upfront, this is not a paid-for piece. I like what Vodacom Color is doing. It is a sub brand of the red machine, aimed at rewarding under 25s with downloads and freebies to add value to your comms needs. You can learn more about the benefits here.

What I really like about Color is that they have a program called SuperPeers that aims to assist young entrepreneurs realise their potential and offers mentoring sessions with other like minded, and experienced individuals. I was invited to attend one of these sessions a few months ago to provide some insight into my entrepreneurial endeavours, the challenges I face as a startup and business owner, and to offer advice to the SuperPeers.

Below is a brief video of what went down.

Entrepreneurs will change the world and the more of these programs that we have in SA and the more support entrepreneurs have, the better the result.

Well done dudes.

And as a throw forward to tomorrow’s shenanigans… Part 2 of HalfArsed-a Chef drops first thing. Watch this space 😉

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