Thighland Thursday

I hear you. It’s not Thursday, but Thighland Friday was never gonna cut it, so let’s just pretend. We’ve only had four working days this week, anyway so throw me a bone. Two years to the very day, I was sipping pink drinks off a Thai island, sans little umbrellas I might add…


Before Instagram, I was still an awesome photographer


Thailand is one of those addictive travel destinations. You lose yourself when you’re there. Carefree scooting across islands, lumo painting your face off at half and full moon parties, buckets of Red Bull that taste like they’ve been sourced from a secret Taurine geyser. It’s one place that welcomes you with open arms and says it’s ok to leave the hamster wheel of Western corporate life and pursue a career in beach bum / bar owner.


You think you have a bitchin' office view?


Thailand is like travel Tik and I need to get back there, but I want you to come too. Simply Asia has the answer. Click here to join me in Thighland.

Now finish off your timesheets so you can start researching all the places you’re going to visit. Take my advice and make sure you attend a half moon party – less commercial, jungle, buckets, lumo, trance.

Life is short. Play Naked!

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  • Craig Jamieson on May 4th 2012 at 09:06

    Dude it’s my goal to go with a crew later this year, lets talk!

  • Four Parties, Coming Right Up! | Simply Asia on May 8th 2012 at 09:11

    […] Mike – Thighland Thursday? …we think. […]

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