Uncle Jack wants to spoil you this #JackFriday

When I ask you what your favourite movie of all time is and you don’t answer Ferris Bueller’s Day Off; I’m afraid we can’t be friends anymore.

There’s a way for you to redeem this faux pas, AND to be rewarded with the day off tomorrow, including Jack Daniels and tasty, scrumptious, edible treats – courtesy of our friends at 2OceansVibe.com. Don’t be shy, come closer.


Joburgers, you’ve been working hard. You KNOW you’ve been working hard. WE KNOW that you’ve been working hard.

But you know what? Down here in Cape Town, we’ve been spreading a little good news, sowing the seeds of a powerful movement: FRIDAY DONE JACK’S WAY. It’s a realistic movement. A movement that recognises that almost NO ONE is working productively after 12h00 on a Friday afternoon, because they’re tired. So we’re taking Friday afternoons back. And now it’s coming to you. So listen up.

Here’s what’s happening:

Friday, 3 August 2012 – We’re taking you to the movies.

Which movie? Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (of course).

Where? The facemeltingly lovely Bioscope Independent Cinema, in the the Maboneng Precinct, Newtown.

What else will be there? Gourmet movie food, like you’ve never seen before. And, of course, a river of Jack Daniel’s, for your thirsty, thirsty throats.

How is this going to happen? First, you need to win your place (keep reading). And secondly, if you DO win, we want you to lie to your boss to get the afternoon off on Friday August 3You know how much sweeter forbidden fruit is.


Tell us what your ideal “stick it to the man” movie would be. Send your entry via email to jackfriday@2oceansvibe.comtweet @2OVfm using the hashtag #jackfriday. Entries close at the end of the day

Because life’s too short for a 5-day working week.

Visit Facebook.com/JackDanielsSA


There you are my pretties.

Life is short. Play naked!

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