Run. Hide. Fight. American safety video viral

We’ve heard of ‘stop, drop and roll’ if we ever catch on fire, but what if you are faced with a gun toting madman?

You’re in luck. The mayor of Houston, Texas and the Department of Homeland Security have released a new video that tells people what they should do if they’re in a public place when a shooter opens fire.

“Sometimes bad people do bad things. Their motivations are different. The warning signs may vary. But the devastating effects are the same. And unfortunately you need to be prepared for the worst.”

The next less than 6 mins could possibly save your lives folks.

There you have it. Run. Hide. Fight. Key points I took out of that:

  • Never let the Latino receptionist slow you down with indecision
  • You are more important than your stuff
  • If you happen to be hiding, make sure to engage your iPhone in airplane mode, but only after you’ve moved the photocopier in front of a door
  • Lastly, if your life is at risk, commit to taking the baddy down. Whitey on fire extinguisher, Black dude on plastic chair duty, White female on milk jug, and Asian to fashion a knuckle duster out of his belt. Wait. What?

That cost $200K to produce, but whatevz. America. Fuck Yeah!

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