Woza Winner Wednesday: Unlock the innernet – K-POW!

Things have changed a lot since I first used the internet to make friends on Mirc, under the alias WellHungWithKillerPersonality69 – you may remember me πŸ˜‰

In those days, you would have had to take out a second bond on your home to finance the cost of 5 gigs of data, but today it will set you back a mere few hundred bucks.

Vodacom has been my operator since I was 16. I’ve spent almost half my life in a relationship with the big V. If they were to ever leave me I would be entitled to half their assets under common law marriage. Hectic. Sexy, but hectic.

Anyhoo, my common law wife has a new campaign ‘#unlockthenet’ where she is going to give your Vodacom sim 5GBs of data. Nom nom nom! Below are my five greatest YouTube videos of all time. Leave a comment below with a link to your favourite or tweet it to @mikesharman #unlockthenet, and the best submission will win the bigger geebees…

5) Charlie bit me

4) Mountain biker gets hit by buck – nature 1 – 0 man

3) Sweet Brown – ain’t noboody got time for that (auto tune version)

2) JK Wedding Entrance Dance – epic!

1) Still my favourite. HTC Evo versus iPhone

God bless the internet!

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