One week til the next #5GumExperience

Are you a DJ with mad, wicked, ill, beat-producing skillz though?

5 Gum South Africa has added an additional sensory experience to its latest #5GumExperience

Follow the steps below to remix and submit your version of A-trak’s “Money Makin”. A-trak himself will judge all submissions and the winner and a mate will be flown to a #5GumExperience of their choice – either in Jozi Friday 26 October or Cape Town 27 October – put up in a hotel and get to meet the man himself.


A-trak made the shortlist to be the Old Spice Guy…


You have until midnight on Tuesday 23 October to submit your track. For the non producers out there, you can still apply for tickets to either event here >

And… Go!

Step 1: Download Stems

One can download the “A-Trak Money Makin’” stems in 2 ways:

Download the zipped files via this link

● Listen to & download the individual stems via a Soundcloud set:

Soundcloud remix set link


Step 2: Submit Remix

Remixes need to be submitted via the following Soundcloud “DropBox”:

Direct Link To Soundcloud DropBox


Send us your sounds

Step 3: Explore Remix

Once approved, remixes will be publically available for listening, commenting and sharing through the following Soundcloud Group. Link here

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