At Retroviral, we pride ourselves on simple executions that encourage people to talk about brands.

*Castle Lager is most proud of its new Ogilvy ad campaign, which it believes is not only nostalgic but will rally our nation and hopefully an entire continent, to enjoy another spectacle around the passion point of football.

In order to get people talking, we created personalised beers and sent them out to some of our interweb friends to encourage them to engage with the brand, watch the new ad and feedback on the work.

Exhibit A

Proof that “It all comes together with a CASTLE”. Follow Castle Lager on twitter @CastleLagerSA or on Facebook – if you search the #AfricaUnited hashtag on Twitter, you’ll even find some of the local bloggers giving away 12 cases of beer.

Now, what do you think about the new ad then? I expect to see you fancy dress your FACE off in the coming months South Africa. The story continues… Phillip, he is back 🙂

*Castle Lager has been proudly associated with football in South Africa since 1959 and this year, celebrates 20 years of continued and passionate support for our national team, Bafana Bafana.

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