Top 5 viral videos of 2012

Counting the days. Til. School. Closes. The general sentiment out there is that everyone is over 2012. We’ve worked hard. Now we deserve a little party time. Time to take a leaf out of the Book of Ad Exec and treat ourselves to some blow and hookers. I kid.

This was a list of the top 10 viral videos from 2012, courtesy of our friends at Time but I shortened it to 5 because half of them were super meh! These videos will propel you at least 50 mins closer to the office Xmas party / weekend / bingefest you have planned.

5: Sesame Street. Share it maybe

4: Isaac’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal
[Spoiler Alert: this is my favourite because it’s lovely and romantic]

3: Felix Baumgartner freefall from the edge of space

2: PSY – Gangnam Style (Obvz)

1: Blah Blah Blah Kony propaganda

Here’s to making content even better than the above in 2013 🙂



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